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Watch and Earn Game

Many companies and manufacturers always looking for customers to know about their products, films, services etc. They spent a lot for advertising their products and make people watch them and also refer to their friends. CATGZ works as a bridge to connect our members with these companies. When the members watch the videos we gets paid and happily sharing a big portion of it with our members.

1. Download our Watch 2 win app from website.

2. Register your user name, password and signup for free.

3. Get a welcome bonus of 500 free coins. ( 10 coins = Rs.1).

4. Free coins will be added to your coin wallet.

5. Everyday you will get notifications when we post new videos and contents.

6. Payment for every video may varry depending upon the merchant and its content.

7. You can withdraw real cash by redeem the coins from the coin wallet.

8. You can also use the coins to participate the Quiz tournaments, referal zone, play games and multiply the profit.

D o w n l o a d

 Download App Here